Mobile Menace Monday: A race to hidden ads | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Who doesn't love a good motorcycle racing game, right? How about one easily available on Google Play, a "safe" place for all your Android app desires? How about a bike racing game that sticks with you so much, you can't easily uninstall it? And it displays hidden ads? Wait, what!? That's right! In the slideshow below, a game titled Motorcycle Race—Bike Race (package name: com.bikeme.racersm) has rave reviews by users who demand to know how to uninstall the game. Click to view slideshow. Rev your engines for heightened privileges So how does one get into such a predicament? That all starts with the install process. Upon installing Motorcycle Race—Bike Race, the first screen asks to Activate device administrator. Okay, so obviously a bike racing game requesting device administrator rights with permission to Lock the screen is a big red flag. However, if you didn't catch that, there's another clue that something is amiss. Look at the app name asking for permission: Media Player. That's