Mac App Store apps are stealing user data | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
There is a concerning trend lately in the Mac App Store. Several security researchers have independently found different apps that are collecting sensitive user data and uploading it to servers controlled by the developer. (This is referred to as exfiltrating the data.) Some of this data is actually being sent to Chinese servers, which may not be subject to the same stringent requirements around storage and protection of personally identifiable information like organizations based in the US or EU. Adware Doctor Patrick Wardle has recently posted an article detailing the misbehavior of an app named Adware Doctor, which is exfiltrating the following data: Safari history Chrome history Firefox history A list of all running processes A list of software that you have downloaded and from where Most of this is data that App Store apps should not be accessing, much less exfiltrating. In the case of the list of running processes, the app had to work around blockages that Apple has in place to