IT threat evolution Q2 2018. Statistics | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Q2 figures According to KSN: Kaspersky Lab solutions blocked 962,947,023 attacks launched from online resources located in 187 countries across the globe. 351,913,075 unique URLs were recognized as malicious by Web Anti-Virus components. Attempted infections by malware designed to steal money via online access to bank accounts were logged on the computers of 215,762 users. Ransomware attacks were registered on the computers of 158,921 unique users. Our File Anti-Virus logged 192,053,604 unique malicious and potentially unwanted objects. Kaspersky Lab products for mobile devices detected: 1,744,244 malicious installation packages 61,045 installation packages for mobile banking Trojans 14,119 installation packages for mobile ransomware Trojans. Mobile threats General statistics In Q2 2018, Kaspersky Lab detected 1,744,244 malicious installation packages, which is 421,666 packages more than in the previous quarter. Number of detected malicious installation packages, Q2 2017 – Q2 2018