IT threat evolution Q1 2018 | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Targeted attacks and malware campaigns Skygofree: sophisticated mobile surveillance In January, we uncovered a sophisticated mobile implant that provides attackers with remote control of infected Android devices. The malware, called Skygofree (after one of the domains it uses), is a targeted cyber-surveillance tool that has been in development since 2014. The malware is spread by means of spoofed web pages that mimic leading mobile providers. The campaign is ongoing and our telemetry indicates that there have been several victims, all in Italy. We feel confident that the developer of Skygofree is an Italian IT company that works on surveillance solutions. The latest version of Skygofree includes functionality that has so far not been seen in the wild. Features include the ability to eavesdrop on conversations when the victim moves into a specific location; using Accessibility Services to capture WhatsApp messages and the ability to force an infected device to Wi-Fi networks