IRISSCON security conference comes to Dublin in November | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
It's that time of the year when IRISSCON—the biggest security conference in Ireland, in my humble opinion—springs into life with a great collection of talks and Capture the Flag events. Held on November 23 in Dublin, there will be a strong focus on working in Infosec this year, alongside some of the problems faced by industry practitioners. For my part, I'll be giving a retooled run-through of my talk Makhra Ni Orroz, which received a great response at SteelCon. I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes down with a new audience! Elsewhere at IRISSCON, the theme of breaking into Infosec via non-traditional routes is prominent—and this has been a hot topic this year, thanks to Equifax and music degrees. With that in mind, "Getting into the infosec industry from different directions," by Lee Munson and Thom Langford will be a must watch. There's a huge range of people working in Infosec with no technology qualifications (myself included), and presentations like this are a great way to