Introducing Malwarebytes for Chromebook | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Have you been thinking about switching over to Chromebook because you don't need all the built-in software programs of a PC or the sleek design of a Mac? Or perhaps you've already made the jump because Chromebooks are so much cheaper than a Windows or Mac system. Either way, did you worry that you would miss using Malwarebytes? You no longer need to be afraid! Malwarebytes for Chromebook We are proud to present to you Malwarebytes for Chromebook. In Malwarebytes' quest for a malware-free existence, we want to provide security for as many computers, devices, and endpoints as possible. Offering a product that protects and cleans Chromebooks from malware is only a natural next step in that process. Chromebooks are up and coming in the market due to their lower production costs associated with a reduced need for top-of-the-line hardware. (Translation: They're much cheaper than other computers.) Chromebooks store their data in the cloud so they don't need big, fast hard drives. And since