Instagram story spam claims free Apple Watch | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
I have to admit, I'm not 100 percent sure who Elton Castee is. "Who's that?" you ask? Digging around revealed that he's big on YouTube, has done some films, and raises money for dogs, which is very cool. He's also popular on Instagram, with 400k+ followers. With that in mind, we've seen a few reports of his account being compromised (and by "few", I mean "absolutely loads"), and decided to check it out. Click to enlarge A phony phone giveaway Visiting on the web while not logged in reveals the most recent post looks a little different from the other selfies: Click to enlarge A single white text on black background, which reads as follows: Wassup guys! I am giving away 100 free iPhone X's and Apple watches on my IG Story! Claim them before it's too late. Love you guys (emoji heart thing) Visiting the Instagram app while logged in immediately takes you to an Instagram Story. If you're not familiar with an Instagram story, it's a rotating set of images/video that you swipe through one