I Want to Read My Husband's Text Messages – How Do I Do This? | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
If you have any feeling that your husband may be stepping out on you and you find yourself thinking, "I want to read my husband's text messages", then you may find this useful. First of all, you should determine that your husband is actually cheating. If he has withdrawn from you, is not as affectionate as he once was, won't spend personal time with you and has stopped being intimate with you, those are definitely red flags. If he is preoccupied with his cell phone - texting and reading texts, then you are right to think, "I want to read my husband's text messages". What you will need to do is wait for a time when he is out of the room and pre-occupied with something else. A good time is when he is in the shower, because you know he will be in there for a certain amount of time. Find his cell phone and take a good look at it. There should be a history section with "sent" and "received" calls and texts. Be ready for what those messages might say, because just thinking "I want to read my