How to Spy on a Cell Phone Without Ever Having to Get Access to the Mobile Phone You Want to Spy On | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
By Dan H Henderson Spying on a cell phone - even if you can never get access to it to install the spy software When it comes to spying on somebody's phone - one question that gets asked more than any other is 'Do I need to get access to the cell phone I want to spy on?' Despite what a few so called experts have to say about it, the answer is a big fat NO. I think the myth got started because there are two cell phone spy programs that claim you can install the software to the target phone remotely but those two programs, whose names I would rather not mention, have absolutely no guarantee and tons of complaints. The way this remote mobile spy works is you install the software onto your own phone. You then specify a couple of settings, call the phone you want to spy on, and stay in a connection or conversation with them for more than 30 seconds and the two phones are now 'frequency paired'. From that point on you will be able to see lots of spy details on their mobile device such