How to protect your data from Magecart and other e-commerce attacks | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
In today's golden age of online shopping, consumers take to the Internet, punch in a few credit card details, and happily receive products at their doorstep, safe in the knowledge that their online vendor is well-known, vetted, and therefore their website has to be secure, right? Dut did you know that hackers can steal your credit card details with only a few lines of JavaScript? Attacks on websites with the purpose of collecting user submitted data are hardly new. Magento, the open-source e-commerce platform, has been the target of such hacks for years. By compromising websites that are also used as payment platforms, harvesting credit card numbers and other private, personally identifiable information (PII) on-the-fly is a surprisingly easy and lucrative process. In a sense, this is the digital equivalent of credit card skimming, a process of grabbing someone's credit card details at a physical ATM. In the same fashion that criminals can tamper with the ATM, so too can they with a