How to Catch My Wife Cheating Using Mobilespy | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
I have my suspicions about my wife and her "activities" and so I want to try to catch her in the act of cheating on me. I want to know how to catch my wife cheating using Mobilespy. I started doing some research online and I came across Mobilespy. I found out that this is how Mobilespy works: 1. I have to first acknowledge that I own the phone or that I am the authorized administrator of the phone, which is covered since her phone and mine are under a family plan together. I check "yes". 2. Next, I pay for the program, then I check my email. In my email, I find the program that I can download onto the phone. 3. I get hold of my wife's cell phone and connect it to the computer. I install the program onto her phone. There is a simple set of steps to set up the program on the phone. In the meantime, this program runs "stealth" in the background, she has no way of knowing that it exists on her phone as she continues her day to day activities of texting and phone calls. If you have ever