HMRC phish swipes email login, payment details | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
It's not tax season in the UK, but that hasn't deterred scammers from sending out mail looking to swipe both card details and email logins in one fell swoop. The email, which claims UKGOV has issued a tax refund to the tune of 542.94 GBP, arrives under the following title, which is spectacularly poorly formatted: [RCPT-07010144] processed your automatic payment is available – "Subscription- 10 SEPTEMBER 2018″[Email No.'6922′] The body content states that recipients can reclaim the cash by logging in on their "gateway portal." Better make haste though, as (in our case) the mail has a same day expiration date for the ability to put in a claim. Click to enlarge Typically, we tend to see time limits of a few days on fake mails such as this one, so they're really relying on pressure to get the job done here. We suspect anyone else receiving one of these will find themselves faced with a similarly pressing deadline. Unlike many boilerplate tax phishes, we're not sent directly to a fake HMRC