Google logins: JavaScript now required | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Google users: In news that may sound alarming, it is now a requirement for you to enable JavaScript. Why? When your username and password are entered on Google's sign-in page, Google runs a risk assessment and only allows the sign-in if nothing looks suspicious. Recently, Google went about improving this analysis and now requires JavaScript in order to run their assessment. Want to use some of those comprehensive security enhancements for your account? Then JavaScript must be enabled, or you won't be able to log in. JavaScript is now your forever friend. What is JavaScript? If you use websites such as portals or social media platforms, you likely run into JavaScript all the time. It's a programming language used for all sorts of interactive effects in games and basic operations like logins. It ticks away in the background alongside cascading style sheets and HTML for a solid browsing experience. It's now a core slice of the Google login pie, and you will absolutely have to try a slice.