Free tools: Internet traffic monitoring | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Are you an amateur analyst or security enthusiast looking for free tools to do some basic Internet traffic monitoring? You've come to the right place. Not everyone is versed in the use of robust tools like Wireshark (even though it is worth the trouble of learning if you have to do network traffic analysis on a regular basis). So let's take a look at some free, simple tools to get started. There are several alternatives to Wireshark for Windows systems, and we will shed a little light on the ones that we like the most. Each has its own strength, and therefore it will depend on your specific needs to select the program that's right for you. We have focused on tools that you can use on a local system and that run on the same system, to the exclusion of remote traffic monitoring and network monitoring software. URL Revealer by Kahu security URL Revealer is a web proxy that will capture requests and then drop them. I use it primarily to find out what a script or program is trying to