Fortnite's Google Play rebuff sparks security concerns for Android users | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
There's been no small outbreak of chaos in mobile land recently, all because of an astonishingly popular game called Fortnite. Here's the thing: people refer to Android as "open platform," saying that, in theory, you can do what you want with it. In practice, you buy an Android phone and then you're locked into apps from the Google Play store. You can switch things off to allow external installs, but it's generally not advisable, as it leaves the gate open to potentially dubious installs. You can delve into discussions about whether Android is open source or not, but the conversation is a little more complicated and nuanced than simply answering "yes" or "no." With all of the above discord thrown into a melting pot and swirled around, Fortnite steps in and rattles a few more cages. What happened? The developers, Epic, decided that they'd rather offer the game on mobile outside of Google Play, which drastically increases the amount of revenue not nibbled at by Google. There are multiple