Fortnite gamers targeted by data theft malware | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
The new season of the incredibly popular video game Fortnite is upon us, and so too are the scams. It's no surprise that con artists would jump on this bandwagon, eager to peddle their fakeouts. Only this time, scammers had something a little more dangerous in mind than your typical low-level surveys and downloads that never actually materialize. Among all the gluttony of scams there hid a malicious file ready to steal data and Bitcoin, for starters. How did we find it? First, we sifted through a sizable mish-mash of free season six passes, supposedly "free" Android versions of Fortnite, which were leaked out from under the developer's noses, the ever-popular blast of "free V-Bucks" used to purchase additional content in the game, and a lot of bogus cheats, wallhacks, and aimbots. Here's the current state of YouTube, for example: Click to enlarge These videos can drive huge numbers: Here's one that's been pulled down, but managed to rack up 120,000 views before the hammer fell: Click