Facts and Misconceptions About Mobile Spying Software. | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Mobile Spying is now a reality that anyone can get on Internet for a few dollars. As with most new technologies, it has created controversy. Some people think of it as an invasion of privacy while others believe that it is the ultimate application for protecting their money and their families. Moral standings are always subjective, and they depend on each person's view. However, facts aren't subjective. They are objective and we're going to review some of the facts about mobile spying software so that you have a better understanding what mobile spying software is really about. Let's start the most common misconception about mobile spying software: that it can be used to spy on whomever you want. This is just not true. You can only install the software on a mobile phone that you own, and even so, you need to have it connected to a computer for at least a few minutes. While some friends might lend you their mobile phone for a quick call, they certainly aren't going to let you take it