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Games and analytics services ran into one another headfirst recently, in a spat related to the game Conan Exiles. Developers had to remove a tracking service, which allowed game developers to track where Steam players had come from. By generating an API key and integrating it into the game, developers could figure out which ad campaigns (for example) had directed gamers to Steam at first install. From another game developer's forum, where they too ended up removing the system: Click to enlarge [UPDATE: Redshell plugin has been removed as a part of a recent patch] This is a commonly used service that lets us (based on anonymized user footprint) see if those who bought the game came to the Steam store from some link below a Youtube video, from Facebook campaigns etc. It helps us see which marketing campaigns worked and which didn't – no game data are sent there at all. Once again – both Treasure Data and Redshell are solutions used by many developers and games (you can google them, if