Explained: WMI hijackers | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) hijackers are proving to be a plague to remove for the average user. Even experienced users may be stumped if they run into one and don't know where to look. What are they? To explain why they are so hard to find requires an introduction to WMI. As the name Windows Management Instrumentation implies, this is a set of tools that manage devices and applications in a Windows environment. This includes (remotely) changing system settings, properties, and permissions. One problem is that it's not recommended to disable WMI, as you might with WScript, because it is also in use for system critical operations (e.g. the Windows Update). So why is it so hard to find the malware? The actions to be executed by the WMI are scripted either in Visual Basic or Powershell and stored in a special repository. To view them, you will need to use special tools like WMI Explorer: Effectively, the script to be executed is hidden from the user, and the