Emotet revisited: pervasive threat still a danger to businesses | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
One of the most common and pervasive threats for businesses today is Emotet, a banking Trojan turned downloader that has been on our list of top 10 detections for many months in a row. Emotet, which Malwarebytes detects as Trojan.Emotet, has been leveled at consumers and organizations across the globe, fooling users into infecting endpoints through phishing emails, and then spreading laterally through networks using stolen NSA exploits. Its modular, polymorphic form, and ability to drop multiple, changing payloads have made Emotet a thorn in the side of cybersecurity researchers and IT teams alike. Emotet first appeared on the scene as a banking Trojan, but its effective combination of persistence and network propagation has turned it into a popular infection mechanism for other forms of malware, such as TrickBot and Ryuk ransomware. It has also earned a reputation as one of the hardest-to-remediate infections once it has infiltrated an organization's network. Emotet detections March