CyberByte steals Malwarebytes' intellectual property | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
At Malwarebytes, we frequently examine apps for detection as Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs). These are programs that exhibit a wide variety of bad behaviors, but aren't actually outright malware. Unfortunately, there are many supposed antivirus programs that fit this category. Following user reports, we began researching a piece of software named CyberByte Antivirus to determine whether it was a PUP. In our initial research, we found that CyberByte met several aspects of our PUP detection criteria, and we made the decision to begin detecting it as such. One of these violations was that CyberByte acts as a wrapper for the open-source ClamAV engine (which doesn't have comprehensive Mac signatures in its database), because asking for payment for a free antivirus engine is a potential red flag. However, it appeared likely that they were using another engine in addition to ClamAV. After further examination, we noticed that there was something awfully familiar about CyberByte's