Compromising vital infrastructure: transport and logistics | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Back when I was a dispatcher for a courier and trucking company, we used to joke that it only took a few strategically-placed accidents to cause a traffic jam that could completely stop circulation around the city of Rotterdam. Rotterdam is one of the major ports in the world and consequently, there is a lot of traffic coming in and out. The roads around the city can handle normal traffic, but they get congested during rush hours and when accidents happen. If you live or work near a city, you're probably also stuck in a traffic jam on a regular basis. In our series about vital infrastructure, this time we're looking at transportation. And if you think transport is not that vital, you are underestimating the logistical processes that make getting to and from different locations possible. In this post, we will focus on the main skeleton of our logistics infrastructure: the mass transportation of goods over the surface of the earth. How do the goods that we use every day make their way