Compromising vital infrastructure: air traffic control | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
While most of us know that flying is the safest mode of transport, we still feel that sigh of relief when the plane has made its landing on the runway and we can text our loved ones that we have arrived safe and sound. Accidents may be rare, but they're often shocking and horrific and accompanied by the loss of many lives. Unfortunately, they also tend to make the news, which only heightens fear. In this blog post, we look at the dangers related to flying from a cybersecurity perspective. As we know, cybercriminals are motivated mostly by money, power, and ego—and messing with air traffic and air traffic control can boost any of those factors. While the majority of these cybersecurity incidents result in data breaches, make no mistake: Attacks on this vital infrastructure could lead to much more grim consequences. Air traffic control Air traffic can roughly be divided into four general categories: Public transport Cargo and express freight Military operations Smaller aircrafts