Children, Teenagers, and Symbian Phone Spy Programs | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
We all would like to have good relationships with our children, no matter what their age is. We would like to have open communication, where they would tell us their fears, anxieties, and problems so that we can protect them or advise them better. However, the reality is that this noble goal is hard to achieve. Children sometimes are ashamed or scared to tell us what's going on with them. They still haven't learned to tell the difference between something that will get them punished from something that will get them in danger, and thus they keep quiet about it. Other times, they just think it's fun to keep us in the dark. Teenagers belong to a different category altogether. They may know that they are going through something difficult but they don't want to tell us because they want to feel independent. They may also think that we are out of date, stupid, ignorant, or just incompetent when compared to them. And yes, they sometimes keep quiet just to avoid being punished. In their minds