CELL TRACKER – The Ultimate Cell Spy Software! | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
With Cell Phone Spy Software installed on your Cell Phone you can now easily find out who your partner, children, business associates, and friends have been in contact with. Listen to their Live Calls, Read their SMS's, View their Location and much more…secretly! Whether you distrust someone, feel cheated, are suspicious of someone's activities or would just like information that will help progress your career, you can now use your mobile phone with spy software to know the truth, and the person you are targeting will not suspect a thing. Guaranteed! HERE ARE SOME SALIENT FEATURES OF THIS POWERFUL CELL PHONE SPY SOFTWARE: Listen to Live Calls Read Text messages SMS Logging (Incoming / Outgoing) GPS Tracking Email Logging (Incoming / Outgoing) Call History (Incoming / Outgoing) Call Duration (Incoming / Outgoing) Environment Listening ( Bugging Device) Contact Name in Address Book Linked to each call/sms SIM Change SMS Notification Software Based Solution Search and Download All