Bye, bye Petya! Decryptor for old versions released. | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Following the outbreak of the Petya-based malware in Ukraine, the author of the original version, Janus, decided to release his master key, probably closing the project. You can read the full story here. Based on the released key, we prepared a decryptor that is capable of unlocking all the legitimate versions of Petya (read more about identifying Petyas): Red Petya Green Petya (both versions) + Mischa Goldeneye (bootlocker + files) In case if you have a backup of Petya-encrypted disk, this is the time to take it out from the shelf and kiss your Petya goodbye WARNING: During our tests we found that in some cases Petya may hang during decryption, or cause some other problems potentially damaging to your data. That's why, before any decryption attempts, we recommend you to make an additional backup. // Special thanks to @Th3PeKo , @vallejocc and Michael Meyer for all the help in testing! Variants of the attack As we know, depending on version Petya may attack your data by two ways: 1 –