Bloomberg blunder highlights supply chain risks | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Ooh boy! Talk about a back-and-forth, he said, she said story! No, we're not talking about that Supreme Court nomination. Rather, we're talking about Supermicro. Supermicro manufacturers the type of computer hardware that is used by technology behemoths like Amazon and Apple, as well as government operations such as the Department of Defense and CIA facilities. And it was recently reported by Bloomberg that Chinese spies were able to infiltrate nearly 30 US companies by compromising Supermicro—and therefore our country's technology supply chain. If you've been trying to follow the story, it may feel a bit like this: What do we know so far On October 4, Bloomberg Businessweek detailed a narrative regarding Chinese government influence into the operations of US-based hardware manufacturer Super Micro Computer, Inc., or simply Supermicro. The article was produced using information from 17 different anonymous sources including "one from a Chinese foreign ministry," and draws on research