Black Hat USA 2018: ransomware is still the star | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
The Malwarebytes team was at the annual Black Hat USA event held in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Hotel from August 4–9. Large crowds walked through the expo floor, attended talks, and participated in trainings. Among the many topics discussed, ransomware came up as one of the main issues that both consumers and businesses face. While it has been slowing down from previous years, ransomware remains a threat, in particular to enterprise users with more targeted and costly attacks. For instance, the SamSam ransomware, which we featured in our Black Hat booth, continues to hit large targets and cause a lot of financial damage. Helge Husemann presenting about the impact of SamSam ransomware The number one threat that has taken over, and which was a recurrent theme during Black Hat, was malicious cryptominers. While not as crippling as ransomware, miners play the long game and can affect businesses in different ways, including wearing down machines faster and impacting worker productivity.