Avoid these Doctor Who Series 11 scams | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
The new season of Doctor Who has finally landed on television screens around the world, and we've started to see the first few signs of spam and other assorted nonsense lumbering online. A rash of YouTube accounts claiming to offer up the new series are making the rounds, all of which generally lead to the same final destination: a site that claims to offer free membership, but leaves some actual fees buried in the terms and conditions if you presumably want to access the promised content. If you go hunting for Doctor Who streams at the moment, you're liable to see a bunch of results similar to the below, posted from multiple accounts. Here are a few advertising episode 1 of the latest series: Click to enlarge Here's one doing the same thing, but with Peter Capaldi in the promo pic instead, and I can let them off with this, seeing as it's Peter Capaldi. Click to enlarge All of them claim to offer up the upcoming Series 11 (even the ones using pictures from older series), but even from