Avoid: BofA, Wells Fargo SMS Phishing | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
It always pays to be cautious where unsolicited text messages are concerned, as conniving phishers don't always stick to the tried and tested route of email scams. For example, here's two random texts sent out to one of our burner phones: The targets here are customers of Bank of America and Wells Fargo. The messages read as follows: BofA customer your account has been disabled!!! Please read this readmybank0famerica.cipmsg-importantnewalertt(dot)com I think I'd probably be faintly worried if my otherwise sober and businesslike bank started sending out messages with more than two exclamation marks in a sentence, but even without that, observant recipients would notice they also added an extra "t" onto the end of "alert". The other message reads as follows: (wells fargo) important message from security department! Login vigourinfo(dot)com/secure.well5farg0card(dot)html The above URL redirects clickers to the below website: