Australia's Early Warning Network compromised | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
An early warning network designed to notify subscribers about dangerous weather in Australia has been compromised. The hacker sent many bogus messages via phone, SMS, and email, telling users that the service had been hacked. Early Warning Network, a service used by local governments to send notifications about weather hazards, found itself firing these rogue missives into the void late on Saturday evening. They haven't revealed how many people received a message, but they caught the attack quickly and shut it down. A warning from Early Warning Network The website says: At around 930pm EDT 5th January, the EWN Alerting system was illegally accessed with a nuisance message sent to a part of EWNs database. This was sent out via email, text message and landline. EWN staff at the time were able to quickly identify the attack and shut off the system limiting the number of messages sent out. Unfortunately, a small proportion of our database received this alert The text sent to subscribers