Assessing the security of a portable router: a look inside its hardware | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Network administrators should perform security assessments of hardware that they will provide their users, or particularly paranoid users might want to poke at their devices just to be extra sure. In this blog post, we will demonstrate the techniques used to assess security on a generic portable router purchased online. We have redacted its identifiable information as our goal here isn't to provide a free penetration test to the hardware manufacturer. (Someone enterprising enough could still figure this out.) Can we actually trust this device? This was an inexpensive router, and probably assembled with off-the-shelf components. In order to assess how secure this device really is, we are going to have to take it apart and figure out what makes it tick. The packaging The router came in a small box covered in helpful information about its capabilities, with the only brand attribution being a silver sticker with [REDACTED] written on it. It looks like a device made by a third party and