All this EternalPetya stuff makes me WannaCry | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Another week goes by and yet again we have another ransomware family spreading via the reported NSA toolkit that was published months ago by the notorious hacking group that goes by the name ShadowBrokers. Security researchers can't seem to catch a break when it comes to holidays and significant malware variants being unleashed to the wild. While many of us may have been enjoying the nice summer holiday or celebrating American Independence Day by blowing up small pieces of it, @hasherezade was hard at work deconstructing this particular piece of code and filling us in on the technical details and discoveries as they were being made. We'll take what we know and what we've learned and try to summarize the mind-boggling technical information into a simple structure that even my dear mother will be able to understand (love you, Mom!). So What Happened? Sometime prior to June 27th, Ukrainian software company M.E.Doc was reportedly infiltrated by an unknown group of hackers. The attackers