A week in security (September 3 – 9) | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we looked at spyware going mainstream, how the popular game Fortnite sparks security concerns for Android users, and how certain Mac App Store apps are stealing user data. Other cybersecurity news: Microsoft announced Windows 7 Extended Security Updates in a blog post titled "Helping customers shift to a modern desktop." (Source: Microsoft) "Five Eyes" governments call on tech giants to build encryption backdoors—or else. (Source: TechCrunch) How US authorities tracked down the North Korean hacker behind WannaCry. (Source: ZDNet) ProtonMail confirms it helped in Apophis Squad-member arrest. (Source: Neowin) Tesla will restore car firmware/OS when hacking goes wrong. (Source: Bleeping Computer) Google quietly bought Mastercard credit and debit card records. (Source: Naked Security) Feel the shame: Email-scammed staffers aren't telling bosses about it. (Source: The Register) Vulnerabilities were discovered in two major VPN clients by Cisco Talos. (Source: