A week in security (October 1 – 7) | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Last week, Malwarebytes welcomed National Cybersecurity Awareness Month by renewing our pledge to do what we do best: offer the best protection for our customers and promote security awareness for all. On Labs, we raised the question of whether it is a good idea to bring your own security or not, talked a little bit more about fileless malware, homed in on a malware campaign targeting Fortnite gamers, and looked into LoJack, a bootkit malware that has been targeting government entities. Other cybersecurity news: Google Chrome extension developers were the target of a phishing campaign going after their credentials. (Source: ZDNet) If you think you won't fall for dubious links or email attachments, perhaps a real-life human on the phone—who speaks professionally, uses a trusted number, and assures you throughout the conversation that there's nothing wrong—could. (Source: KrebsOnSecurity) The FBI and DHS warned the American public of the rise of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) attacks.