A week in security (April 23 – April 29) | Advanced Mobile Spy Software
Last week, we dug into behavioral biometrics, explored a new crossrider variant, and embraced the power of "no." We also launched another CrackMe challenge, took a deep dive into smart toys, and finished up with a look at digital privacy in the age of IoT. Other news LinkedIn does battle with autofill problems. (source: Daily Swig) Dutch police take down a revenge porn site. (source: politie(dot)nl) Researchers find a way to make hotel master keys. (source: F-Secure) Very large fine handed to Yahoo! (source: The Register) Orangeworm goes after healthcare services. (source: Symantec) Admins of the world's biggest DDoS market are taken down. (source: Europol) Dodgy miners were busted in China. (source: xinhua(dot)net) Are you ready for GDPR? (source: Help Net Security) Listening in with Amazon Echo (source: Naked Security) Stay safe, everyone! The post A week in security (April 23 – April 29) appeared first on Malwarebytes Labs. Click here for best antivirus and antispyware