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Welcome to Wildwood Ranch Nestled in America's Heartland is one of the most unique multi-use real estate opportunities left in North America. Located near the geographic center of the US, Wildwood Ranch is a sprawling 2,064 acre tract of land poised for development. Situated in what is commonly referred to as "The Four-State Area" bordering Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas, Wildwood Ranch is conveniently located on the west side of the city of Joplin in southwest Missouri. America's Intersection Thousands of travelers come through the region each day crossing the country on Interstate 44 and US Highway 71. As the area continues to grow, this could soon be known as "America's Intersection."Wildwood Ranch is the perfect area for continued development of strategic land use in residential, business, commercial, and manufacturing offerings. Developers in any of these land use categories will be pleased to discover the intelligent design and infrastructure available for sustainable