Stitches が銃不法所持&麻薬不法所持で逮捕。 | MIXBANGS
昨日、起こった事件。マイアミの顔に縫った跡傷のタトゥーがある ラッパー Stitches が銃不法所持&麻薬不法所持で逮捕されたらしい。なんでもスーパーマーケットの身体障害者スペースに駐車した際に警察官から職務質問され 車のなかから色々と発見されてしまったらしい。代表曲 STITCHES - Gangsta Forever It appears that Stitches could have saved himself a whole lot of trouble in Miami on Wednesday night (January 25) if only he’d looked for a legal parking spot. After illegally parking in a handicap spot at a local Whole Foods, the “Brick In Yo Face” artist was stopped by police, who discovered a loaded gun and a “slightly burnt” joint inside the vehicle. The Florida rapper reportedly handed the marijuana over to the police, who recognized the heavily-tattooed Stitches, then proceeded to search his car and found a Glock and two magazines of bullets, reports TMZ. The 21-year-old MC apologized for the incident and told the cops that he thought they were asking if he had a gun on his person and not in his car. Along with the gun and joint, cops also discovered a mason jar with almost an ounce and a half of marijuana inside