Kanye West の Saint Pabloツアーがキャンセル。 | MIXBANGS
8月25日から12月31日までの超過密スケージュールで行われている Kanye West の Saint Pablo Tour が先週のロスアンジェルス公演を最後にキャンセルになったそうだ。そしてカニエウェストは本日から入院してしまったらしい。関係筋によると彼はファッションやミュージック関係の仕事を過度にこなしており大変疲れているそうな。また彼の嫁 であるキムさんは10月にフランスで強盗にあったばかりだ。 The reason behind the cancellation? Exhaustion, according to TMZ. The site’s Kanye source said, “He’s just exhausted. He’s been working around the clock on fashion design, both his own line and the Adidas line.” The source added that Kanye expects to reschedule the tour in the new year. This weekend’s show in L.A. had been organized to compensate for one he had cut short on November 3 due to problems with his voice. The latest cancellation follows Yeezy’s Sacramento concert that featured a rant that covered all manner of topics from President-elect Donald Trump to Jay Z to Beyoncé, before he left the stage abruptly after only 30 minutes. Days before that he caused a stir with another rant proclaiming his support for Trump. Fans with tickets for the L.A. show or the Sacramento show