Azealia Banks が法廷出廷をバッくれて逮捕。 | MIXBANGS
2015年12月に Azealia Banks が起こした事件。ニューヨークのクラブ 「Up&Down」にて彼女が何かしらの揉め事を起こして セキュリティーに噛み付き逮捕された。そして 翌年の11月に裁判所に現れ、2審目から健康状態の悪化を理由に現れなくなってしまったらしい。そしてこれらの バックれ行為に対して遂に 再逮捕されたらしい。 An arrest warrant for Azealia Banks has been retracted after she appeared in court today (March 7) for a case where she reportedly bit a bouncer in the breast in 2015. Billboard reports that the Harlem rapper showed up to her hearing in New York for misdemeanor assault and attempted assault charges after skipping court yesterday, which caused the arrest warrant to be sent out. Banks’ lawyer, John Vafa, said his client confused the dates and was in Paris Fashion Week at the time of the initial hearing. (This article was first published today at 7:45 a.m. PST and is below.) A judge has issued a warrant for the arrest of Azealia Banks after the rapper missed her court date on Monday, according to Pitchfork. Banks was supposed to face a Manhattan Criminal Court as part of legal proceedings for an incident in 2015