リアーナ の トゥワーキング動画 「ベスト10」 | MIXBANGS
2013年に マイリー・サイラスによって流行した twerking (トゥワーキング) ダンス。元々はアフリカ系の民族系の尻振りダンスをアレンジしたモノらしい。そして Rihanna もメチャ上手い。そんなリアーナの「ベスト・オブ・トゥワーキング」が公開された。セクシー&クールって感じだよね。リアーナ可愛い! Rihanna is one of the most sexiest and accomplished artists of our time. But did you know that the beautiful RiRi is also one of the best twerkers of all time? If you didn’t, XXL is here to give you the visual facts to build our case. Known for showing off her sexiest assets, Rihanna is never too shy to highlight her undeniable sex appeal, even when it comes to her twerking skills. From her social media videos to her onstage routines to her music videos, RiRi is never not down for the twerk. In fact, she’s easily one of the baddest ladies in the entertainment field with twerking abilities like no other. If you recall, in 2015 during the Crop Over Summer Festival in Barbados, the Grammy Award-winning singer made headlines when she appeared at the festival wearing a sexy, traditional, turquoise-jeweled costume during the parade.