ピータートッシュの孫がデビュー。 | MIXBANGS
BoB Marley と並ぶレゲエ界のレジェンド「Peter Tosh」彼はボブ・マーリィーなどと一緒にミュージックをプレイしていた。 1987年にジャマイカで強盗に合い殺されている。レゲエがミュージックインダストリーに成り上がる前のアーティストだけに 未だに人気は凄い。そんな彼の孫 DRE TOSHI (22) がデビューする。先日のインタビューで "私は反社会主義者では無いが、歌で愛と団結する事を宣言する。" と述べた。 Reggae legend, the late Peter Tosh was known for possessing a rebellious nature. Commonly referred to as the 'original stepping razor', Tosh was unwavering in his support of certain issues and was an advocate for poor people not just through his music but through the way he lived his life. Carrying on his musical legacy may seem like too much pressure for some but for his grandson, Dre Tosh, picking up the baton is as natural as it is an honour. In an interview with THE STAR, the 22-year old up-and-coming reggae singer revealed that like his grandfather, he too has a rebellious nature and will take great pride in standing up for equal rights and justice. "I'm not only rebellious but I'm also love and I preach love and unity in my songs. I'll also push people to show love