City Break Vs. Country Break | Miss Pork Pie
The UK is filled with some fantastic green countryside, luscious fields, gorgeous national parks, mountains to climb, animals, nature, excellent walks, fresh air and fun but it’s also home to some of the world’s greatest cities, small or big, they are full of history and culture and so much to do. So, when you’re looking at where to go for a weekend break, then what do you choose? The city or the country? If you live in the city, then it’s quite likely that you’ll be a fan of escaping to the country. However, there is a reason why you live in the city in the first place, so maybe you’re not a lover of the countryside at all. To city dwellers, life can sometimes be an endless grind of work, traffic, eat, pollution, sleep, and bad manners, fuelled by large doses of caffeine, beer, and fatty food. It’s hard work, and to keep sane, they need to visit the countryside regularly, others, on the other hand, there are other people who hate the countryside, they get bored, hate the smell and don’t enjoy the views. But, for a short break, which is better? Pros Of the Countryside Image by lakewooducc from Pixabay The People Many people say that in the countryside, the people are friendlier than they are in the city. Now, this is hard to measure of course, but what you probably will find is that in the country people are less busy, the shops are quieter meaning that there’s time for a friendly chat with the shopkeeper, the streets are quieter meaning that when you walk past someone, it’s likely that they’ll say hi to you. There might be more opportunity to speak to people and to find out about them. Locals might be very proud of their country village and want to show tourists a good time; therefore they will make an effort to chat with them and make them feel welcome. The Food It is also argued that the food is fresher in the countryside. What is definitely true is that it is most often local food and perhaps more traditional in the country. With access to local farms and produce, you can enjoy some local delicacies and usually some homemade comfort food. The Pace In the countryside, it’s a lot slower than the city, and you can immerse yourself in a destination without rushing to every famous tourist attraction before closing time. You can take long walks through fields and forests, or cycle along country lanes without inhaling toxic fumes. Queues, traffic, scammers, and stress are unheard of. There is no pressure in the country to go and do things if you want a relaxing day just reading your book, then you can have that without feeling that you’ve got to get out and explore. Activities With nature walks, horse riding, visiting animals on the farm, there are lots to do in the country if you want to do it. You won’t get bored, and there’s usually some sort of attraction you can get to by car if you’re going to go somewhere and get out of the country for a day. Where To Stay In the countryside you have the choice of camping if you really want to get outdoors, you’ll find some great campsites, but if you want a bit more luxury, you can hire a caravan. Or there’s always some lovely Bed and Breakfasts in the countryside which just add to the quaint experience. Or if there’s a lot of you going then hiring a country cottage is ideal. Pros of The City The People While you might find that the people are very busy in the city, what you will find is a broad mix of people. People from all over the world, speaking all different languages, people who look different, act different, and people who you can have very interesting conversations with. Everyone has a story of why they are there, are they just visiting, did they move to the city recently? What do they do there? If you do get a chance to chat with people and make friends, then the people in the city can be fascinating. The Food While the food might be more local and fresher in the country, in the city, you can find food from all over the world. You can get pretty much anything you want and usually whatever time you want. Cities are buzzing with restaurants, cafes, and bars to try, fusion food, new concepts, and themed restaurants. The Pace While the cities are fast-paced, they are also very exciting, and you never know what’s around the next corner. You find so much to do in the city, from museums and shopping to nightlife and concerts. You will never get bored in a city. Some people find the rush thrilling, running for the train, cramming on a bus or just walking around and trying to work out where you are and where you need to go. If you get lost in a city, it could be the best thing you can do; you might turn a corner and discover something amazing. Activities As mentioned, there is so much to do in a city; you can jump on bus tours and visit museums or family attractions or the theatre. Whether you go to a smaller city like Liverpool which is rich in history and culture, so much so that you can go on school trips to Liverpool, or somewhere more prominent like London, you will always find history, a story, things to visit and to learn about. Where To Stay In the city, you have a choice of places on Airbnb and living like a city dweller, fancy hotels, or cheap hostels. Whatever your budget its, you’ll find something, You could find yourself slumming it, but you could also move around and experience staying in different places.