Delay In The Payment of FCFA 3.1 Million Government Grant To Ambe Stanley Chenwi: CAA, NFC Banks Accused Of Financial Misconduct - Promptness and objectivity
Ambe Stanley Chenwi, winner of 2019 National Business Challenge is said to receive his FCFA 3.1 million cash prize on a yet to be announced date. On the invitation of the chief of service in charge of administrative and legal affairs at the governor’s office in Bamenda; North West Region of Cameroon, Ambe Stanley Chenwi(agric technician), the station manager of Hot Cocoa Radio and Panelists of the radio program “Frank Talk” have been questioned on false accusation of the regional delegate of youth affairs for embezzling 3.1 million cash prize of Stanley Chenwi won during 2019 National Business Challenge. According Njorbiken Claude, North West regional Chief of Fund for the Insertion of Young People in the National Youth Plan,there is confussion between the state’s own structure, Caisse Autonone d’Amortisement-CAA and the NFC Bank over the money of winners of National Business Challenge of the North West and South West regions of Cameroon. He states: “The Ministry of Finance disbursed the sum into CAA account. The financial structure deducted an interest rate and then transferred the money to NFC Bank where Ambe Stanley Chenwi has an account. Surprisingly, NFC Bank deducted another interest from the money.We are in the process of rectifying that to ensure Ambe receives his money soon.” To Njorbiken Claude, there is no need to raise an alarm of any embezzlement of the cash prize of Ambe Stanley. He said winners from the South West Region of Cameroon are equally subjected to the same situation pending redress. A claim Ambe Stanley Chenwi refutes categorically, saying he has never received a message from his bank of any deposit of such an amount. Though optimistic that he can still get what rightfully belongs to him, he frowns at enormous administrative bottlenecks that have delayed the process of transferring the money from the ministry to his account. Ambe Stanley Chenwi has told Mimi Mefo Info how he suffered during the twelve days period he spent in Yaounde participating in the business challenge. He regrets that government’s attitude does not encourage young people to embrace initiatives that can make them sustainable and participate in nation building. Mimi Mefo Info +237679135573