Scandal: FCFA 3.1 million cash prize of Ambe Stanley Chenwi 'missing' between Yaoundé and Bamenda - Promptness and objectivity
Four months after emerging the fifth position at the National Business Challenge organized by the government of Cameroon through the ministry of youth affairs, Ambe Stanly Chenwi a young agricultural technician says he has been denied his right to receive 3.1 million FCFA cash prize. “I came the fifth position in the national business Challenge in the month of February 2019. I was awarded a prize of one million two hundred thousand francs. I could not receive the money at the time because the ministry of youth affairs said I should create a bank account where the money will be transferred. That I did, but as I speak, no franc has been sent to my account”. Ambe Stanley Chenwi told Mimi Mefo Info. The Bamenda based agric technician affirmed that laureates in other regions of Cameroon awarded during the National Business Challenge 2019 have all received their prizes through their respective regional delegations of youth affairs. “As the delay and administrative bottlenecks to pay my money continues, I have been to the Ministry of Youth Affairs in Yaoundé. There I was told my money has been sent to the regional delegation of youth affairs for the North West in Bamenda. While in Bamenda, workers of the delegation say my money is still in Yaounde. At the moment am confuse. I think someone somewhere is playing games to embezzle my hard earned money». He adds in total disappointment of the governance system towards young people that have embraced agriculture for self-sustainable life. Twenty nine year Ambe Stanley Chenue, a trained agric technician in Cameroon and Israel explains the ordeal he and other competitors from the Anglophone regions of Cameroon went through during the national business challenge in Yaoundé. He recounts that for twelve days in Yaounde participating in the challenge, he got no financial assistance from the ministry thereby exposing him to enormous feeding and lodging challenges in the nation’s political capital. He equally regrets that the delay with the money has affected his projects of putting in place other agricultural ventures to employ young people. The Summon Ambe Stanley Chenwi alongside the station Manager of Radio Hot Cocoa (a private radio station in Bamenda) and panellists of a popular talk show program called “Frank Talk” have been summoned at the North West governor’s office at 10:00 am Tuesday June 11 2019. The note summoning these persons was handed over to the radio last Saturday June 8th by officials from the governor’s office. One of the panellists told Mimi Mefo Info that this followed a debate in the course of the program on why the prize of Ambe Stanley Chenwi was still in the hands of official in Cameroon when other laureates have received theirs. To Stanley Chenwi, he will use the summon at the governor’s office Tuesday June 11 to express his disappointment in the treatment of young Cameroonians that are fighting poverty in their little corner. Efforts to get the version of officials at the regional delegation of youth affairs have not yielded fruits. Mimi Mefo Info Wasap/Momo:+237679135573 PayPal: millyville2004@yahoo.fr