Tears-provoking Humanitarian Situation In Cameroon's North West, South West Gets UN Security Council Attention - Promptness and objectivity
Panelists at the Arria Session of the UN Security Council have unanimous expressed concerns over the difficulties faced by humanitarian personnel in delivering assistance to those affected by the armed conflict in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. While the UK urged the government of Cameroon to implore confidence building measure in resolving the crisis like the release of what the Ambassador called political prisoners, Germany said neighbouring countries should take a unanimous action towards resolving the crisis. Belgium and Germany stressed on the need for perpetrators of right violations to be brought to justice. While expressing worries over the growing humanitarian crisis, Poland called for the presence of human rights monitors on the ground while stressing that peace cannot be restored when there is no justice. France on its part said inclusive dialogue is the way out of the current impasse, while Indonesia urged the African Union to be more proactive in its approach. Present at the Arria meeting of the UN Security Council were the coordinators of Reach out Cameroon and CARITAS who used statistics to paint the picture of the consequences of the armed conflict. Caritas said the official sitting of the United Nations Security Council is necessary as more lives are being lost, communities being wiped out, millions of people affected with the continuous deployment of government troops on the ground. In all, there was great support for a UN Security Council meeting by EU countries including France, USA, UK, and Belgium. On the other hand, there was no support from African countries, though the implications of the AU in resolving the crisis was constantly being highlighted. China on its part is against the UNSC intervention in Cameroon while Cameroon has outrightly rejected the purpose of the meeting saying security forces are not committing abuses on the ground. With Cameroon’s Prime Minister preaching a gospel of dialogue in the restive regions, it is left to be seen what his efforts will amount to in the days ahead. But for now, there’s no mention of Ambazonia given that the crisis rocking Cameroon’s English speaking regions is considered to be a domestic affair. Mimi Mefo Info Wasap: +237679135573