Project Baseline And Why It’s Important
The post below first appeared on LinkedIn Pulse, where I updated all my connections on the progress of Project Baseline. I had received so many friendly "likes" and congratulations on my anniversary for co-founding the local chapter of the great Project Baseline initiative. I did reference the post in my last post here a couple of days ago. I decided today, however that I would post the original post here on my own website too. This initiative is an important activity for me, even though I don't actually get to do much on it lately. But the initiative remains close to my heart and interest and it's only reasonable that the post therefore also finds its place here. Love to hear your comments. These days mark my 4th year anniversary of co-founding the local chapter of Project Baseline, the Project Baseline Gulfstream chapter and during this period of time I receive a lot of friendly congratulations on my anniversary via my network here on LinkedIn. However, [...]