Now Also Publishing On Medium
I've had an account on Medium.com for some time now. But I have hardly used it, let alone written on it. Well, all of that has just recently changed. I posted my first entry there on June 25 2015 and yesterday I continued and posted my second post there. There are predominantly 3 reasons for my posting there: 1. I really like how the layout looks and feel. 2. I wish to reach a greater audience 3. Medium has an interesting element of allowing for followers and for making recommendations and sharing The first point is that of the looks and the feel of the site. I'm a very visually driven person, so I do get inspired by things that look good and that gives you a nice visual experience and sensation. I think for a "blogging site" which you might essentially think it is, Medium has an incredible way of allowing for the content to look and feel great. The second point really has a great deal to do with reaching a greater audience. If I'm going to spend time [...]