Finally Freetrailer Makes A Move In The US
Finally it has happened. Freetrailer USA is a reality. The business got its US corporation established July 15th 2015. It's been a long time in the making and the waiting period for some of us - me in particular - has been very, very long indeed. But alas, we now have our US entity established and that means also that we can now actually commence real pursuit of partners and business in the United States for our hugely popular business model and service offering. For those not familiar with our service, here's a quick introduction: We Rent Out Small Cargo Trailers For FREE!! That's right. We offer small cargo trailer for rental for free. These are small closed box trailers that you latch onto your vehicle using a hitch and can use in connection with moving "stuff". The stuff can be more or less anything, as long as the size and weight can fit within the limitations of the cargo trailer. Our history for Freetrailer began in 2004. The idea maker and one of the [...]