Ywriter for developmental editing | Michelle Dunbar
After sharing my page yesterday on my working process I had a few inquiries from fellow editors about the software I use to dissect developmental edit a novel. The software in question is yWriter. It was written by Simon Haynes (Spacejock) who, in addition to designing software, is also an author. Designed as a tool to help writers, I have found it a useful device for note taking during the developmental stage of editing. I have little awareness of how other editors work, but to quickly summarise how I work, I always read the manuscript in its entirety before doing any detailed analysis of story, technique or structure, and follow this with a one-two week 'rest period'. Ywriter Ywriter is primarily a writing tool and is especially useful for writers who like to plan their novels to the last full stop. For this post, I will discuss the sections generally or this will turn into a novel length post. I have made a sample so I can show you how I use it for developmental editing (please